Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Survivors

On September 6, 2017 Anguilla experienced a Cat 5+ hurricane. Although we got pretty lucky that the storm only lasted about 8 hours, the island took a terrible hit to both human structures and nature. 
The north wall of Hurricane Irma ran over the top of Anguilla destroying many of the old houses we all know and love, it also destroyed many of the older large trees that I have admired since coming to Anguilla in 1990. 
It was sad indeed to drive around the island seeing these beautiful giants torn from their home. 
But, some remained, they fought the hurricane and lived. Although we were very busy supplying generators around the island, I got the urge to paint a few of the "Survivors". I even used some hurricane lumber to paint a few of them. 

The old Tamarind tree on Meads Bay is still standing proud. A slim coconut tree on the way into the Valley is making new fronds. A Loblolly tree left standing in the Albert Lake memorial on the way to Shoal Bay is eye catching in the morning light and a tiny little tree on the point in Sandy Ground remains tough in the sea spray. 
Knowing how difficult it is to survive in Anguilla's harsh climate, I have always admired all of the trees that live here. Perhaps I will do more as I come upon them.

Monday, 3 July 2017

My story about Hurricane Luis published on Adda

I want to share this link to a story I wrote and it was accepted by the commonwealth writers which is kind of a big deal for me. I write children's books but this was really my first serious story and it is about hurricane I experienced on Anguilla

Sunday, 18 June 2017

My Tree House

We have been having some great adventures on our boat. Sailing around the local islands and of course back to Anguilla which is home base.
It struck me that the boat reminds me a lot of the tree houses and forts we built as kids. They were great places to go and dream with no interference from adults. A boat is kind of like that so I wrote this little poem.

My Tree House
Up in the sky nothing can touch us
resting easy and sway in the breeze
climb the ladder to adventure from a distance
gaze at the thin brown line
hoping to see more
Hold on, hold on one hand when the wind blows
but inside safe and secure
It's a private club
No one on board without permission
but come aboard the view is fine 
hurry hurry the roof is lifting fluttering with the breeze
then with a loud pop we are off
Puff ball trees fade to white
and yellow lifts out of the grass
while the endless blue field sways in the breeze 
we are sailing if only in our mind

I think this is all part of the good feeling I get on our boat. It feels like a safe private place, people are very respectful of boats and always ask permission before boarding. If you are sitting on a mooring or anchor, dinghies will pass with casual wave like you live in a friendly neighborhood. 

I have completed a few more "from the boat" paintings, using acrylic now, boat friendly and people friendly, no bad fumes. I have found that you can create an oil like painting using acrylics, it may take a little longer to get the effect but worth it in the end. These pictures are a great reminder of sitting on the boat very quiet while time passes all around you. Every day is different.