Friday, 14 October 2011

Trip to Wisconsin Oct. 2011

Just finished my latest book, The Perfect Shell, about a hermit crab who lives on St. Martin/Sint Maarten and is not happy with her shell. She goes in search of a new one and has adventures along the way.
But, writing a book is hard work and it takes a long time to write a story and design illustrations that fit the text. Good fun but hard.
So, it was a lucky break that Chris had a course in Wisconsin just when the book was finished and off to the printer. 
Exciting news! I just got an ipad so I could see how apps work and downloaded so very cool drawing apps. I did this little sketch on the plane.
I was happy to see a copy of Paddy in the departure lounge of SXM airport at the Shipwreck Shop. Stop in if you haven't been, they have tons of great stuff.
We will be here for two weeks in the lovely town of  Oconomowoc. Just about a half hour west of Milwakee. We are staying at the Olympia Resort, 1350 Royale Mile Road Oconomowoc, WI 53066, a pretty cool place.

Aside from having a lovely spa, they host all kinds of events and weddings so the place is always full of different kinds of people doing all sorts of things. Currently they have a dog competition and of all things, the Wisconsin Childrens Book Writers Society, here for a retreat. 

I am working on turning my book into an ipad app. using Flash. Steep learning curve as I want animation and interactivity in my app. But, it is fun work and learning is good.

This area of Wisconsin is mostly farm land, lots of corn, soybeans and cows. It is very neat, I mean clean and neat, a place for everything and everything in it's place. The towns are very cute and there are lakes everywhere you look.

We don't get a lot of variety in Anguilla when it comes to food so when I walked into the grocery store here I went into a daze. I had to walk around twice just to get the complete picture. 

There was a guy in the deli area making sushi! Wow, it was great.

Veggies to die for and fresh bakery made bread of many many varieties. I wish we had grilling facilities, I have never seen such lovely steaks. 

They also make salads to go and other things like...meatloaf? Amazing.

Of course there are also tons of stores, we don't get stores so I am doing stores. Everything, you name it they got it. And cheap. So is the food. Go to a restaurant, it is half price what we pay in Anguilla. 

The hotel is great, people are very friendly and there is lots to do, what more could you ask for on holiday.

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  1. Did you go again this year? In all that snow and cold? How did you manage?
    PS: Can't believe some people have the gall to complain about a free service that you so generously provide,