Friday, 18 May 2012

Creating Kindle Books

Creating Kindle Books
It’s been a hard but enjoyable last few weeks as we turn the hardback books into Kindle books. Now Paddy, Trixy and Hattie will become digital once again!
There is a lot more to making a Kindle book then just copy and paste.
First, books are not formatted the same way as a digital book. Different sizes, less area for text and readability on a device all come into play when creating an ebook.
Fortunately, I build all of my books on the computer to start with so I can manipulate the images to suit the new size. We also had to edit the original pages so they will properly fit and sometimes that means editing text or creating a new image.
Now all three books are a whole new experience. Not only did I add more pages with illustrations, I also added information about the creatures in my books and the islands where the story takes place. Thanks to Adobe Illustrator and my Wacom digital drawing pad, this task although difficult was not impossible. Next task...animation and voice, stay tuned. Look at my latest video on creating these books.

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