Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My dog Bruno

Ten years ago, right before my birthday we were driving in the west end of the island on a back road, no houses just bush. A little tiny puppy popped out from the side of the road and started running in front of the car. I said to Chris, "Stop the car, if he comes up to me we will take him home and my mother can take him to AARF, our animal rescue organization on Anguilla.
I jump out of the car not expecting the puppy would approach, there are many feral dogs all over Anguilla, scared to death of humans. I was wrong, he not only came to me, he ran over to me and peeped all over my foot. So I picked him up and put him on the floor in front of my seat for the ride home. 
He was dirty and full of ticks and fleas but as we drove he never moved, he just kept watching me the entire ride home.
We have dogs, my mother collects them and cats too and hermit crabs and lizards, we are a virtual menagerie. One more dog, I don't think so, we have enough but we had to bring him home, the shelter was closed for the day. 
My mother gave him his first bath normally a chore but this little mutt thoroughly enjoyed it and to prove it he immediately ran out rolled in the dirt, got completely coated and then jumped back in the bath water.
He never took his eyes off me, I think he figured he owned me.
Well own me he does.
We finally settled on the name Bruno as he looked like a wooly bear with a big racing strip down his back. He turned into an Anguilla Long dog with a short crooked tail. Very handsome.
Bruno now rules the roost in a quiet dignified way. He doesn't mess with the other dogs, he is not playful and he doesn't get into fights. What he does do is sit patiently behind me where ever I go. In fact, he is sitting behind me right now as I work on this blog post. 
Going to town, I want to go. He doesn't beg to get out or make a fuss if he has to sit in the car while I shop, he just waits, watching the door for when I return. 
How can you beat that? You just can't.

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