Thursday, 9 August 2012

Painting Pictures

We (several artists on Anguilla) scheduled an art show during our annual carnival. Great plan, well thought out except people don't like to work during carnival so the most excellent location down in Sandy Ground ended up closing for the events due to lack of interest by employees.
Problem is, since we were given plenty of time to prepare, I started creating little pictures of my book art using canvas and oil paint.
Very cute, small paintings. What to do with them now?
Well I came up with a brilliant plan, have a show in December when season starts here, perhaps some book readings and other events and offer the little paintings.
 This one comes right out of "The Perfect Shell" one of the illustrations for the book. Painting in oils gives it a whole different look then the vector image created in Adobe Illustrator.
 Just a hermit crab on her own strolling through the bush, this pictures are very small, this one is only 5"x5".
 Leapin Lizard is also from " The Perfect Shell" an anole flying through the night sky to capture some little moths.
Paddy is exploring the sea rocks in the full moon, looking for a new home.
I have got plenty of time now so there will be more to come, stay tuned.

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