Monday, 13 May 2013

Anguilla Literary Festival

Next week Anguilla will open it's door to authors and publishers for the annual Lit. Fest. The festival features many published authors and literary agents and publishers who will discuss writing and how to get your book or story published. If you are interested in writing this is the place to be.
I will be demonstrating digital art and drawing to a group of students and participants. Click this link for a line up of events.
Anguilla Lit Fest Program Schedule

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  1. Anguillian performers to be joined by internationally acclaimed Dub Poet Yasus Afari for spoken word event “The Underground – We refuse to be silenced”

    “The Underground – We refuse to be silenced” is a new and exciting “spoken word” event which complements the 2nd Anguilla Literary Festival – A Literary Jollification; which is scheduled for May 23-26th. “The Underground – We refuse to be silenced” will present itself as a dynamic evening of poetry and performance featuring a range of Anguilla’s prolific and passionate spoken word artists. The event promises to bring an additional layer of creativity, youthfulness and passion to the Lit Fest. New, exciting and culturally relevant - this will be a must attend event for both festival participants and anyone interested in creative writing, poetry, performance and the spoken word.

    Spoken word is a performance art that is word-based. It often includes collaboration and experimentation coined with other art forms such as music, theater, and dance . However, spoken word focuses on the words themselves and the dynamics of tone, gestures and facial expressions. Anguilla has a thriving spoken word community, featured artists for this event will range from young, upcoming writers such as Tangeria Huggins "the Kittian Angel" and Vandon Samuel to more established performers such as Oluwakemi Linda Banks and Bankie Banx. There will also be a special appearance by Jamiaca's “now Public Secret- Yasus Afari “ - an internationally acclaimed Dub Poet whose visit to Anguilla has been made possible by Irie Life.

    Conceived as an unconventional approach to the art form “The Underground – We refuse to be silenced” event serves as a platform for local writers who meet regularly in smaller circles to share their work, to now break the silence and be heard. However, upon discovery of the event , The Anguilla Tourist Board, who is the main organizer of the Lit Fest, has welcomed and embraced it by including “The Underground – We refuse to be silenced” in the programme of suggested activities for their delegates and artists to attend on Sunday May 26th, which is the final day of the Lit Fest.

    “The Underground – We refuse to be silenced” will take place on Sunday May 26th at Darvin’s Place on Back Street, South Hill, Anguilla. Admission is $5 and the doors will open at 6pm, the event will commence at 7pm! To encourage more active participation, there will be an open mic session, as the organizers anticipate the attendance of the lit fest authors.

    For more information please email visit